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Scott’s Top Tips before you go on your first cruise

May 20, 2012


My name is Scott Lara and you probably know me from Twitter @scottlara1961.

I have been on many cruises and I want to share my top tips that will make your cruise more enjoyable.

Please share them with family and friends!

1) Pack light. There is LIMITED space in your stateroom, so less is better. Remember the “FASHION POLICE” will NOT be on board and making notes that you wore something twice during your cruise.

2) If you are driving OR flying in to the cruise port, get there one day early. You don’t want to miss the ship. Trust me on this.

3) Have you EVER gone through airport security? HELLO! You will go through a metal detector when you arrive at the cruise port. Be courteous to other passengers by putting jewelry, cell phones, Ipads, etc. in your carry on luggage so you don’t have to empty your pockets in the metal detector  line. We all want to get on the ship as fast as possible!

4) My wife is a big soda drinker and I like bottled water. Be sure to pack copy paper boxes with these items and “check” them when you arrive. This will save you TONS of money!

5) If you are a parent of a child under 21, please remind them to be courteous to the staff on the ship, not to run wild down those LONG halls and NOT to cut in front of adults on the Lido Buffet! Parents. Don’t take a vacation from being a parent on the cruise! There are thousands of other passengers on board that have paid a lot of money for a restful, relaxing vacation. They have taken precious time off of work just like you!  Make sure your kids behave!

6) Don’t be a deck chair hog. Many cruisers wake up VERY early and put towels and books on prime chairs to SAVE them for later! Don’t be one of these abusers!

7) Be kind to the staff on the ship! They are far from family and home. You can make new friends with these hard working professionals. Ask to follow them on Facebook! You’ve just made friends for life and they will be glad to see you on your next cruise!

8) Remember that you can avoid a HUGE cell phone bill when you get home if you contact your cellular carrier BEFORE you leave home. Get the details from your cell phone carrier on how to save money on texting and phone calls while you are on your cruise!

9) Have your CERTIFIED birth certificate/Passport and Boarding Pass IN HAND when you are walking towards the cruise port entrance. Nothing bothers me more (well except kids running wild down the halls) than people fumble, bumbling for crucial documents. Have them in hand so you can show the port officials quickly!

Have more tips? Please leave them in the comments section below!

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May 20, 2012

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