Blake Shelton Cruise Day 3 (San Juan)


The Blake Shelton Cruise has been incredible. Yes, he has been drunk most of the time.

He came on deck early on the cruise and introduced former “The Voice” contestant RaeLynn and sat on stage as she performed.

Blake performed at the late show on Monday night and did the early show on Tuesday which I attended.

He interacted with the audience and wondered if so many hillbillies had ever been on a cruise before.

He said when we get to San Juan if anyone says anything about the boots and jeans for us to tell them to, “Kiss my Country Ass!”

I met Lee Brice and Neal McCoy at a VIP event last night and they were very friendly. They both appreciated the opportunity to be on the cruise with their fans.

Neal and I talked for a bit and I mentioned I served in the Navy. He thanked me for my service to our country which I deeply appreciated.

I also met newcomer McKenna Faith. She is performing on the cruise Wed night.

Be sure to check out her website at and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

Here is a video of Blake Shelton entering a VIP event and saying hi to me:

More videos and pics to come.



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