The number one question I’m asked.

Scott, what’s your favorite cruise line?

Yup. That’s the number one question I’m asked.

That’s not a tough one to answer.

Right off the bat I would say Holland America Line.


First of all, the crew.  They smile, they genuinely care and they welcome you back time and time again.

Secondly, the food. It’s second to none.

Third is the ships. Incredible art, design and history.

Yes, I have sailed on Carnival, NCL, Celebrity and Royal Caribbean and I do like them all. I haven’t been on Cunard yet though!

But if you ask me what’s my favorite cruise line, my answer remains, Holland America Line.

You can check out my Holland America Pinterist Board here:

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Scott Lara @scottlara1961 on Twitter


One Response to “The number one question I’m asked.”

  1. RichTucker Says:

    What your favorite cruise line is and what is the best cruise line for them are two totally different questions.

    I agree Holland America food and service are top notch – but I personally perfer the more modern upscale experience of Celebrity.

    The best part of cruising is that each cruise line is noticeably different… and that there is perfect fit for everyone.


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