Staying healthy during your cruise vacation

Nothing can ruin a cruise more than being sick at sea!

As a Navy veteran, I remember being sick during very high seas (40 ft plus on a small frigate, no fun when your 19 years old) and my shipmates being sick from a range of illnesses.

Check out my  top tips for staying healthy during your cruise vacation:

1)   It actually starts months before your cruise! Be sure to take your vitamins, exercise and stay healthy BEFORE your cruise. Let me ask you a question. Have you filled out those health questionnaire forms while you are in line at the cruise port? The questions like: Have you had diarrhea, have you been vomiting etc? Are people going to check YES to those questions?  No way. They have spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for their cruise vacation, taken precious time off of work only to admit they are sick? Nope. Tip number one is to stay HEALTHY before your cruise.

2)   Bring some Vitamin C and any herbal supplements you normally take on a daily basis with you on the cruise. Yeah, you’re on vacation but keeping your immune system fully charged during your voyage will keep you healthy.

3)   As I mentioned, I’m a U.S. Navy veteran (applause). I have traveled  all over the world to many different ports of call overseas. My third super secret tip is to ensure you drink bottled water and be careful what you eat. Bottled water is safer than the local water. Our bodies are used to clear and pure water and if we ingest something foreign into our bodies, get ready to spend some time in your cabin bathroom. Regarding food, sometimes street food in foreign ports isn’t as safe as the food you buy at Ruby Tuesday’s, Ruth’s Chris or even McDonald’s. I see all these travel shows of these guys eating the local cuisine on the streets of some remote city. It makes me wonder if they have iron stomachs or if this is just a show to make them look all that.

4)   Kids. You know I was going to mention this. How many times have you seen little Timmy up on the Lido deck (parents are nowhere in sight, of course). Timmy grabs one chocolate chip cookie, counts the chips and puts it back. Try number two. Nah, not enough chips. By try number 6, he’s found the perfect cookie. Then he starts coughing. Danger Will Robinson! (How many of you get that quote?) Little Timmy is cute and sweet, but he may have just started a norovirus outbreak on your ship! Parents. If your kids are small, HELP THEM with their food and please don’t let them serve themselves, especially if other passengers will be touching the same food. Don’t take a vacation from being a parent on your cruise vacation.

5)   Keeping hands clean. Face it. Some people are just better at this than others. Be sure to use hand sanitizer frequently on the ship, and not just when you are entering the main dining room! Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after each trip to the bathroom. Use hand sanitizer frequently during the day. Use it before and after your trip to the slots in the casino. Use it after you shake the hand of the Captain and other crew staff. An ounce of prevention IS worth a pound of cure!

6)   Number 6. Bring Gatorade, Pepto Bismol, sea sick patches and Imodium AD with you just in case. The fact of the matter is that you want these items at your fingertips. You don’t want to have to run down to the shops on board your ship to purchase these items at higher prices you would have paid for them in your hometown WalMart before you set sail! Regarding sea sick patches: Cruise ships have stabilizers, so chances you will get sea sick are rare, however, if you are concerned, put your patch on before you get underway.

7)   Alcohol consumption. I enjoy a fruity alcohol drink, a Rum and Coke and an ice cold beer as much as the next guy (especially when I was on the Blake Shelton cruise last year, but that’s another story!)  Please be advised that excessive alcohol consumption (in my opinion) may weaken your immune system and leave you susceptible to sickness. Take it easy on the liquor.

I know these tips will help you stay healthy at sea.

Fair winds and following seas to you!

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  1. Tirun Travel Marketing Says:

    It is more important to be careful with your health during your cruise vacation, illness can stop of your joy while you are on cruise vacation. So be careful with your hand specially on cruise trip. Do proper hand-washing.

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