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What a specific cabin? Book Early.

January 30, 2014

Hi Everyone,

I’m like a lot of people. I wait until the last moment to book a cruise because I want a great deal.

The problem with that mentality is that if you are “dog on a bone” about getting a certain cabin, you might as well forget it!

It’s amazing how many hundred, if not THOUSANDS of people want that exact same cabin for the exactly same reason YOU want that cabin!

Maybe you want that cabin because its not TOO far away from the dining room, but not TOO close to the elevator!

Trust me.

If you want a certain cabin on a cruise ship, book the cruise a year in advance.

Then you won’t be disappointed and you won’t put your travel agent through hell.

Scott Lara

@scottlara1961 and @airseatravel on Twitter!


Carnival Live!

January 24, 2014

As you may know, I sailed on the Blake Shelton cruise.

It was incredible.

Carnival has now brought Carnival Live to its ships!

The biggest names in country, R&B and rock will be performing on Carnival ships!


Check out the links below for details, and if you want to book one of these cruises, call me today.

They will sell out FAST!

Scott Lara


Why Cruise?

January 21, 2014

It may be a weird question for those of us who love to cruise, but I wanted to share this thought!

1) Cruising is cheaper than a land based vacation!

Consider all the costs (and frustration) of a land based vacation:

* Lodging

* Food

* Entertainment

* Packing and Unpacking

2) Cruising has it all (for the most part)

Sure, if you want to buy a specialty coffee, or eat in the specialty restaurant, it will cost you a couple bucks more.

For the most part, everything is included in the cruise price!

If you want to take a shore excursion ( I recommend Shore Excursions Group at ).

3) The food is great! 

Lobster, Filet Mignon, etc. You don’t get THAT everyday!

4) Family Time (sort of)

If you are considering a family vacation, the kids can do their thing and you can do yours! Sure, you can all get together at dinner time, look into each others eyes, talk about the day, etc.

Cruising is the perfect family vacation. Just set ground rules first!

* No running down those long halls

* Let kids know to be respectful to adults and crew

* Establish a curfew

* Family dinner time rules. Don’t be late!

5) It’s fun.

If you want to have a great escape, cruising is the way to go. Be sure to check out my YouTube videos at the link to the right!

If you want to book a cruise, email me at

Scott Lara

@scottlara1961 onTwitter


Carnival Fascination 6-11, 2014

January 11, 2014

Marty and I had a nice time on the Carnival Fascination.

We were happy to see the Carnival Sunshine during our port of call in Nassau.

I’m looking forward to the Carnival Sunshine arriving in Port Canaveral in April!

We enjoyed our day in Nassau and walked around. The temps were warmer than those we experienced when we left Jacksonville and during the day in Key West.

Our at sea day on the Carnival Fascination was nice because the weather was warmer.

I want to thank everyone on board the Carnival Fascination who were so nice to us as we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary.

Check out my YouTube videos at the link to the right for some final thoughts!


Day 3 Carnival Fascination, January 8, 2014

January 9, 2014
On Wednesday we arrived in Key West.
Shortly after Marty and I married in January of 1984, we moved to Key West from Jacksonville.
Key West was my first shore duty station in the Navy (I just finished my sea duty as a radarman on the U.S.S. Samuel Eliot Morison FFG-13) and I was honored to be an instructor with the hydrofoil squadron at the Navy base in Key West.
Marty and I were amazed how on one hand everything looked the same from 30 years ago, yet something things looked brand new.
We took a hop on, hop off trolley shore excursion booked through Shore Excursions Group. Keep in mind there are several trolley companies operating in Key West, but I was able to easily locate the City View Trolley Tour.
Our tour guide Tim mentioned he lives in Boston, but he comes to Key West in the winter to do tours while getting away from the snow!
Tim was both informative and funny during the one hour tour. The cool thing about the tour is the option to hop off and hop back on the trolley! There are 8 strategic stops throughout the tour, so you can hop off to check out a couple of the attractions close by, then hop back on to check out other sites of interest at other trolley stops. It sure saves wear and tear on the feet!
Marty and I did hop off at stop 7 which was close to the Key West Key Lime store!
Kermit the owner was standing out in front holding a Key Lime pie and wearing an incredible outfit. I bought the frozen key lime pie on a stick dipped in Belgium chocolate. Marty had a piece of Key Lime pie.
You can order the items online and they will ship them to your door!
Go to for all the info.
It was great to return to a Key West for our 30th anniversary. Thursday we are in Nassau.
Thanks again to CD Paul Stantley and assistant CD Jase for a great cruise on the Carnival Fascination.

Day 2 Carnival Fascination, January 7, 2014

January 8, 2014
 January 7th is Marty’s and my 30th wedding anniversary and we are celebrating during our at sea day on the Jacksonville based Carnival Fascination.
As you know, Marty and I have sailed on the Fascination many times.
To be honest, I don’t think we will be sailing in the month of January again.
The weather has been cold and overcast.
We have enjoyed the food and service on the Fascination though.
I sailed on the Fascination in September of 2013 with some friends, so it was great to see so many of the entertainment crew (Jase and Cruise Director Paul Stantley) again so soon.
Special thanks to everyone on the ship for making our 30th anniversary so memorable.
Marty and I are looking forward to returning to Key West on Wednesday. I was stationed in Key West back in my Navy days in 1984 and 85. Our daughter Brittany was born in Key West which makes her a conch!

Day 1, Carnival Fascination, Monday, Jan 6th 2014

January 7, 2014
It’s great to be back on the Jacksonville, Fl based Carnival Fascination!
Marty and I are celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary on Tuesday, Jan 7th during our at sea day before we arrive in Key West on Wednesday.
Usually boarding the Fascination is very quick, however today we experienced a couple of delays.
The ship came in late, so instead of boarding at our usual time of about 11:00 am or so, we arrived at JaxPort around noon.
I packed my power strip in my carry on bag. A good friend of mine suggested that I shouldn’t pack it in my checked baggage because he had done so on one of his previous cruises and it was confiscated.
I don’t know about you, but I carry several electronics with me on cruises including my iPad, cell phone, rechargeable batteries, etc., and with only one electrical outlet in the cabin, that’s just not enough POWAHHH! (Power). A power strip is a life saver!
So I took his advice and boom, the guy looking at screen at the X-ray machine motioned to one of his colleagues! I felt like Jason Bourne going through security at a foreign airport!
Next thing you know, a VERY friendly and professional security person said, “Excuse me sir, may I look through your bag?” I replied, “of course, SIR!”
As a Navy veteran, I have a lot of respect for those in law enforcement and security protecting our way of life.
So Mr. Security (I’ll call him Jack Bauer) starts looking at Marty’s 12 or 13 Vera Bradley make up bags inside our carry on bag, then he discovers the dreaded power strip!
So, Jack Bauer smiles, shows it to the eagle eye manning the X-ray machine.
They both nod to each other.
My power strip is returned and all is well. Jack Bauer says,  “Thank You Sir” and shakes my hand. “Have a great cruise sir!”
I replied, “THANK YOU SIR!”
That took a total of 15 minutes.
Next stop was the check in desk. Boom. 5 minutes and done.
Next we walked right to the place where you have your picture taken before you board.
Snap. Done.
Then right over to have our Sail and Sign scanned.
Scanned. Done.
Walked right up to the ship for one more ID check and we were on the Carnival Fascination!
Up to deck 10 for some food.
As we were walking in the Coconut Grove Buffet, I recognized my Matre’d from my Sept 2013 cruise!
We said hi to each other and he said hi to Marty.
He said, “Just two?” I said yes. “Do you want early dining?” Again, “Yes”.
He asked our stateroom number.
He immediately retrieved his phone in his pocket (Marty and I were assigned late dining, but we prefer early dining).
He called someone and loudly said, “Mr and Mrs. Lara, Cabin R163, put them in MY dining room, early seating, table for two!”
Marty and I said thank you very much!
As we walked away, Marty smiled at me and said, “Winning!”
By that time our cabin was ready!
We walked in and our room was incredibly adorned with tons of anniversary decorations!
Well, Marty and I are enjoying our day at sea today. More soon.
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Carnival Fascination January 6th, 2014

January 5, 2014

It’s 2014 and time for our first cruise of the New Year!

As you know, Marty and I sailed on the incredible Carnival Dream during the first week of Dec, 2013.

Marty and I will be celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary on our Jacksonville Fl. based Carnival Fascination on Tuesday, Jan 7th!

We will be sailing to Key West (the birthplace of our daughter @brittanylara3) and Nassau.

We are glad to be getting away from the cold temps.

Be sure to follow along on Twitter with #carnivalfascination.

I will be uploading pics, commentary and videos.