Do you need a Passport for your cruise? Yes you do!


The number one question I get as a travel agent is, “Do I need a passport?”

The fact of the matter is yes you do.

Even on so-called “closed loop cruises” which means that you sail FROM and RETURN TO a U.S. port, I strongly recommend you get a passport!


What if you step off the ship in Aruba, Martinique or another port and you miss the ship!

You will need to either fly to the next port of call or back to the states.

You will need a passport to re-enter the country!

I can tell you from first hand experience that a friend of mine had a heart attack on the ship.

She had to be med-jetted back to the states.

Thank GOD she had trip insurance AND her Passport!

I strongly recommend that you don’t wait until the last minute to get your passport, but even if you are in a time crunch, I recommend that you call my friends at FastPort Passport.

They have great customer service and you will get your passport fast!

Here’s the link!


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