Day 4 MS Westerdam


I’ve been to San Juan, Puerto Rico more times than I can count, but it never gets old sailing past the fort!

San Juan has so much culture and history that I can’t do it justice here.

I’m glad that Holland America Line sails to San Juan and I look forward to returning again soon.

As I have mentioned in the past, my daughter Brittany and I had the honor of sailing on the inaugural voyage of the MS Oosterdam. It was great to meet Mr. Kruse, Mr Meadows and other leaders of Holland America Line during the cruise.

The number one question I was asked over and over again from the leadership of HAL was how I liked the Vista class ship.

I replied that I was glad that the Vista class was larger without sacrificing the history, prestige and elegance of the smaller ships like my favorite, the MS Maasdam.

Many of my friends have happily commented to me that Holland America Line has opened their arms wide to families and groups. I think that this philosophy is great because the traditional HAL clientele can now bring their kids and grand kids to ships they have come to love over many years.

During this voyage, I’ve seen many multigenerational families enjoying the food, incredible service and elegance of the MS Westerdam.

Stay tuned for more…



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