Independence Day and Living Life

As the 4th of July is upon us, I wanted to share a few thoughts.

As a Navy veteran, I’m keenly aware of the price of freedom, and what we need to do to maintain our freedom.

Americans need to be involved in the political process and support those elected officials that stand with our beliefs. Those who complain and don’t vote just don’t have skin in the game. It’s easy to complain.

I’m so glad that my family lives in the greatest country on earth.

We enjoy freedoms that many inhabitants of our planet only dream about!

12 years ago when my wife Marty was diagnosed with lung cancer, my whole life changed.


I realized that everyone has a limited number of days and we should have an attitude of gratefulness while at the same time, enjoying every moment.

Yeah, I still work a “job”, but I’ve made it a priority to spend time with Marty (mostly on cruises).


A cruise vacation is a total escape from the everyday rat race.

No cooking, no cleaning, waking up in a different port and exploring God’s creation.

So this 4th of July, join me in being thankful for our great nation, be thankful for family and friends, and please take time out to enjoy life.

We only have today.

San Juan

Scott Lara

@scottlara1961 on Twitter


One Response to “Independence Day and Living Life”

  1. Jacqueline Schmidt Says:

    Wow, powerful words and a lot to think about. Thanks for reminding us how lucky we are and to appreciate every day.

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