Why do Marty and I love Holland America Line?

Holland America has been transporting passengers for over 130 years and is one of the most respected cruise lines in the world.

This venerable line offers all the modern amenities with a fleet of 15 appropriately Dutch named ships that visit all 7 continents.

The ships are mid-size and offer cruisers one of the best guests to staff rations on the seas.

They also offer some of the most spacious accommodations and you will really appreciate the additional comfort. Providing the “Signature of Excellence” commitment has brought the cruise experience on Holland America to a whole new level.

All cruises offer “As You Wish” dining that allows you to choose between luxurious 5 course dining in the Main Dining Room with either pre-set or flex times, sophisticated dining in the Pinnacle Grill, casual dining at the Lido Restaurant as well as in room service and a variety of other dining options.

You can also indulge in afternoon tea on one day during your cruise. Mariner Society offers special deals for cruisers who start collecting cruise day credits from your very first day on board, the longer and more often you cruise, the more additional benefits you will be eligible for (Marty and I have earned 3 star Mariner status, over 100 days!)

Wonderful food, exotic destinations and renowned service await those who choose to cruise with Holland America.

Holland America Cruise Features

Dancing with the Stars at Sea

After-Dinner Espresso and Hand-Dipped Chocolates
Bouquets of flowers everywhere
Craft Class
Club Hal just-for-kids program
Fabulous 50s and 60s Parties
Flagship Forum Lecture Series
Lavish production shows & intimate lounge shows
No-tipping-required policy
Ocean Spa with Relaxing Treatments and Massage
Priceless art collections
Royal Dutch High Tea

For more info about Holland America Line and to book your HAL cruise, email me today at slara1961@gmail.com!



Scott (and the Martster)

@scottlara1961 on Twitter


One Response to “Why do Marty and I love Holland America Line?”

  1. Michelle Says:

    I like Holland America better than other cruise lines I’ve traveled on. I just went to Alaska with them. Somehow I got a $750 beverage card. I used less than $100 of it since I don’t drink. I just bought a few lattes!

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