I can’t believe why people don’t take cruise vacations.

Hello (again) from the Carnvial Fascination!

As you may know, Marty and I live only 15 minutes from the ship.

I was on the Carnival Fascination Aug 30th for 5 days and it’s great to be back!

It amazes me how many people live so close to a cruise ship and don’t take advantage of taking a cruise vacation.

I’ve enjoyed meeting people on the ship from California, North Carolina, Chicago and even Australia. They have travelled many miles and have spent hard earned dollars to sail on the Carnival Fascination, yet so many people that live within 3 hours driving distance have never experienced a cruise vacation!

The reason why Marty and I enjoy cruising so frequently is because it’s so affordable, most everything is included and for the duration of the cruise you don’t have to cook, clean, do laundry or take out the trash!

When you consider the cost of a typical land based vacation, add up the cost of lodging, transportation, entertainment and food (3 meals a day), the cost can be overwhelming and out of reach for most Americans.

A cruise vacation is mostly all inclusive!

I urge those of you who haven’t taken a Carnival cruise to give me a shout at slara1961@gmail.com.

I would be happy to help you plan YOUR cruise vacation, and who knows, Marty and I will probably be on the ship with you.

Stay tuned for videos and pics from this cruise and check out my links to the right for all my social media channels.

Scott Lara

@scottlara1961 on Twitter



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