I can’t believe why people don’t take cruise vacations.

September 19, 2014

Hello (again) from the Carnvial Fascination!

As you may know, Marty and I live only 15 minutes from the ship.

I was on the Carnival Fascination Aug 30th for 5 days and it’s great to be back!

It amazes me how many people live so close to a cruise ship and don’t take advantage of taking a cruise vacation.

I’ve enjoyed meeting people on the ship from California, North Carolina, Chicago and even Australia. They have travelled many miles and have spent hard earned dollars to sail on the Carnival Fascination, yet so many people that live within 3 hours driving distance have never experienced a cruise vacation!

The reason why Marty and I enjoy cruising so frequently is because it’s so affordable, most everything is included and for the duration of the cruise you don’t have to cook, clean, do laundry or take out the trash!

When you consider the cost of a typical land based vacation, add up the cost of lodging, transportation, entertainment and food (3 meals a day), the cost can be overwhelming and out of reach for most Americans.

A cruise vacation is mostly all inclusive!

I urge those of you who haven’t taken a Carnival cruise to give me a shout at slara1961@gmail.com.

I would be happy to help you plan YOUR cruise vacation, and who knows, Marty and I will probably be on the ship with you.

Stay tuned for videos and pics from this cruise and check out my links to the right for all my social media channels.

Scott Lara

@scottlara1961 on Twitter



Back on the Carnival Fascination on Sept 18th

September 10, 2014

One of the benefits of living 15 minutes from the Jacksonville-based Carnival Fascination is that my wife and I can jump on the ship at a moments notice!

Yes, my friend Dwight and his two grandsons and I enjoyed the Carnival Fascination way back on Aug 30th for 5 days.

We went to Nassau and Half Moon Cay. The weather was absolutely perfect in every way!

No rain, the seas were calm, just perfect.

Marty and I will be on the Fascination on Sept 18th for 4 days going to Freeport (no comment) and to Nassau.

We will be sailing with my doctor, her husband and her office staff.

Stay tuned for pics and all the details.


Carnival Fascination cruise update

September 2, 2014

I can’t believe what a great time I’m having on the Carnival Fascination. Actually, I can believe it. This will be the 9th time I’ve been on the Fascination!

Cruise Director Adam is one of the best.

He’s very approachable, friendly and funny.

We had a great day in Nassau on Labor Day. The weather was perfect at the Atlantis. While I’m NOT a big fan of waterslides, I did enjoy time relaxing by one of the pools and enjoying the aquarium.

Today (Tuesday) has been amazing at Half Moon Cay.

The weather is great, not too hot, not too cold.

I enjoyed a cold beverage at Captain Morgan’s bar which is always a cool place to meet new friends.

Tomorrow is an at sea day and then on Thursday back home to Jacksonville.

It’s ok though.

Marty and I will be returning to the Carnival Fascination on Sept 18th with my doctor and her family.

I will be posting pics and YouTube videos when I’m back on land.


Great time on the Carnival Fascination

August 31, 2014

Hi from the Fun Hub on the Carnival Fascination!

My friend Dwight Cenac and I have been going on our “Men’s Cruise” on the Carnival Fascination for the last two years in a row over the long Labor Day weekend with his two grandsons.

While I miss my wife Marty and Dwight misses his wife Connie, it’s nice to get away!

The Carnival Fascination is only 15 minutes away from where we both live in Jacksonville, so it’s very convenient to catch the ship.

We arrrived at JaxPort at 10:30 a.m. and we were directed to a parking lot to wait to be dropped off until the passengers of the previous cruise were able to disembark.

We waited about 20 minutes and boom, we were good to go.

I will have to say it was VERY difficult finding a porter to take our luggage. Dwight handed a passing porter $10 and he took our luggage.

Once inside, many of the pier staff recognized me from my many previous cruises and we breezed through security and check-in.

We waited for 15 minutes in the Priority boarding area and then we made our way to the ship!

Many of the crew that I met from my January and February Carnival Fascination cruises have left the ship, however their are a few on the ship.

It’s always great to see old friends!

The weather is perfect and it continues to look great during the duration of the 5 day Bahamas cruise which includes Half Moon Cay.

Stay tuned for more from the Carnival Fascination!

Scott Lara

Sailing on the Carnival Fascination on Aug 30th. Do you have any questions?

August 26, 2014

As you probably already know, my wife Marty and I have sailed on the Jacksonville Florida based Carnival Fascination many times. We only live 15 minutes from the ship!

I wanted to ask YOU, do you have any questions about the ship?

Feel free to shoot me an email at slara1961@gmail.com and I will be happy to respond!


My ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

August 17, 2014

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Check out my Podcast about the Carnival Fascination!

August 16, 2014

I wanted to share some of my tips about the Jacksonville-based Carnival Fascination!

Scott Lara talks about the Carnival Fascination!

Check out my new Podcast

August 9, 2014

I’ve just started a Podcast. Check it out for my latest tips, updates and info on cruising!


Carnival Cheers Program Drink Package

August 1, 2014

Several people have asked me about the Carnival Cheers Program Drink Package.

Thanks to Gambee for creating this!

Check out this great info about it and how to make it worth your while:


Why do Marty and I love Holland America Line?

July 31, 2014

Holland America has been transporting passengers for over 130 years and is one of the most respected cruise lines in the world.

This venerable line offers all the modern amenities with a fleet of 15 appropriately Dutch named ships that visit all 7 continents.

The ships are mid-size and offer cruisers one of the best guests to staff rations on the seas.

They also offer some of the most spacious accommodations and you will really appreciate the additional comfort. Providing the “Signature of Excellence” commitment has brought the cruise experience on Holland America to a whole new level.

All cruises offer “As You Wish” dining that allows you to choose between luxurious 5 course dining in the Main Dining Room with either pre-set or flex times, sophisticated dining in the Pinnacle Grill, casual dining at the Lido Restaurant as well as in room service and a variety of other dining options.

You can also indulge in afternoon tea on one day during your cruise. Mariner Society offers special deals for cruisers who start collecting cruise day credits from your very first day on board, the longer and more often you cruise, the more additional benefits you will be eligible for (Marty and I have earned 3 star Mariner status, over 100 days!)

Wonderful food, exotic destinations and renowned service await those who choose to cruise with Holland America.

Holland America Cruise Features

Dancing with the Stars at Sea

After-Dinner Espresso and Hand-Dipped Chocolates
Bouquets of flowers everywhere
Craft Class
Club Hal just-for-kids program
Fabulous 50s and 60s Parties
Flagship Forum Lecture Series
Lavish production shows & intimate lounge shows
No-tipping-required policy
Ocean Spa with Relaxing Treatments and Massage
Priceless art collections
Royal Dutch High Tea

For more info about Holland America Line and to book your HAL cruise, email me today at slara1961@gmail.com!



Scott (and the Martster)

@scottlara1961 on Twitter